The consumer sentiment today is driven towards preserving nature by saving trees and eliminating pollutants such as plastics from the environment. Ecolates was founded to meet this demand without compromising on the quality of service. We offer a wide range of Sugarcane Bagasse Products like Bagasse Plates, Biodegradable Bowls, clamshell, food packaging containers, and many more sustainable products.

So, we cater to the
service industry by providing


Ecolates Disposable Plates

How our products will
help the planet

For decades, the service industry has been using plastic and Styrofoam
products for food servicing and carry out solutions.
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Bagasse is 100 percent biodegradable
under commercial composting
conditions and will break down
within 30-90 days.

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Bagasse, also known as
sugarcane pulp, is a fibrous
material left behind in the
sugarcane-harvesting process

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Since bagasse is a byproduct of the
sugarcane industry, reusing it in the
paper-making process reduces the
amount of waste produced by sugar mills

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Bagasse is easier to bleach
than the normal wood
fibers typically used in the
paper-making process.

Ecoates's Advantages

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We are not only manufacturing sustainable food containers but also providing direct delivery from our own factories.

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We have professional staff who are patient and enthusiastic. If you have any requirements, we are very willing to assist you.

Ecolates was established to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of eco-friendly food servicing and carry-out solutions in the service industry. We are a manufacturer and supplier of Sugarcane Bagasse tableware and food packaging.
Today, restaurants, hotels and delis are looking for more sustainable food containers. Sugarcane bagasse containers help the environment and the company’s budget. Also, it pleases customers when they learn they are being served food in an environment-friendly container that contains no plastic whatsoever.

Our vision is to promote
ecological lifestyle

Ecolates is a Sugarcane Bagasse products Manufacturers company in India that is committed to sustainable business practices. With a focus on environmental responsibility, we provide biodegradable tableware, disposable products, and compostable solutions to businesses in the service industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of eco-friendly carry-out solutions, making it easier for businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. offers a wide range of eco-friendly products made from sugarcane waste, including sugarcane plates and bagasse plates. Our bagasse products are a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable tableware, as they are made from renewable sugarcane fibers. With Ecolates, you can enjoy high-quality and environmentally friendly sugarcane bagasse products that are both sturdy and compostable. Join us in embracing a greener lifestyle with our innovative and biodegradable tableware solutions.
Sugarcane bagasse round bowls & plates / Biodegradable disposable round bowls & plates by Ecolates
Sugarcane Bagasse Containers / Disposable food containers by Ecolates
Biodegradable Square Plates / Disposable Square Plates by Ecolates
Biodegradable food tray/ disposable bagasse food tray with Lids by Ecolates
Sugarcane Bagasse Plates / Disposable Round Plates by Ecolates
Sugarcane bagasse square bowl / ecofriendly food square bowl by Ecolates
Sugarcane Bagasse Square Containers / Disposable Containers by Ecolates